We are a family business hotel set up in 1962. We are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment. Therefore, we want that our Touristic Activity

From our city walk to sustainability.

This commitment made us to belong to the Register of the Basque Tourism Code of Ethics as well we have been certificated with the European Union Ecolabel qualification , a recognition that guarantees us fulfilment with the criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Hotel which reduces Carbon footprint

  • The electrical energy which we consume in the hotel comes from 100% Renewable Energy justify by the System of Warranty from origin
  • All our lighting system is a high standard quality of Energetic Energy

Hotel Zero Plastic

  • If possible, we use Ecological products with low plastic content.
  • We use as little as we could office paper by digitalising our processes.
  • Temperature within our premises is controlled in an accurate and comfortable temperature of 22º degrees.
  • We are closed to the city Centre which is very convenient to go by foot, by public transport or by bike. We have bikes for renting at the door of the hotel at your disposal to our customers at any time.
  • We have electric charging posts for cars in our outdoor car parking and we have implemented Photovoltaic Panels in order to produce our own energy.
  • To reduce consumption, we supply hygiene products in dispensers in order to avoid single dose package (or container)
  • Our clients can use bins for selective collecting rubbish allocated in different parts in the hotel.