• Maximum One Pet per room.
  • It is not allowed to leave the pet alone in the room for more than 30 minutes.
  • Pets must be removed from the room during scheduled cleaning or any other service in the room.
  • Pets have no access to the dining room or the pool.
  • We have at your disposal an area in the lower side of the garden enabled for the dogs. They will always have to be accompanied by their owners or the people in charge. We kindly ask you to keep the dogs tied outside the enclosure. Please, check the access time at the reception.
  • Guests are requested to keep pets near them and on a leash within the hotel premises.
  • Guests are responsible for the noises that pets can do and will ensure pets do not disturb other guests. Otherwise, the hotel will ask that the pet to be accommodated outside the hotel.15€ (10% VAT included) per pet & night.